Logitech options не запускается на mac os

Question: Q: Logitech options not working on Mac

So there is a whole lot of questions and answers regarding Logitech mouse software not working on latest versions of Mac OS.

I have a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse and using Bluetooth to connect. Mouse works fine but I cannot customise or reap the full functionality of the MX Mouse productivity without configuring the Logitech Options software, which does not detect the mouse installed over Bluetooth.

Logitech themselves have articles about how to install and configure Logitech options and the specific security/privacy settings (System Preferences — Security & Privacy) required. Interestingly, after installing the latest version (9.40.75) all of the settings are configured with the exception of «Automation». Logitech say the «Logi Options Daemon» must be selected and the boxes checked for System Events & Finder — but the logi Options Daemon is not installed in the «Automation» list.

After calling Logitech support, I was told there are known issues with the latest versions of Mac OS and they were working on fixing these before releasing an update. Fair enough (but frustrating).

So I hunted about the application store and searched for the Logi Options Daemon but the search could not locate it. I eventually right clicked the «Logi Options.app» in the Applications folder and selected «Show Package Contents» and hey presto — «Logi Options Daemon.app» was in the «Contents — Support» folder.

And when I double clicked to execute it, the Logi Options application detected my Bluetooth mouse and everything worked fine from there on.

Now I have not rebooted my Mac as yet, to see if the Options app will still work and detect the mouse, but regardless, I can copy the «Logi Options Daemon.app» to the Applications folder and manually execute if needed — until Logitech release a working version!

Hope this helps anyone experiencing similar issues.


Solution to Logitech Options Not Opening in Mac OS 10.15.7 and Later

I have been having a problem about the Logi Options application that has been going on for about 2 weeks. I was having the problem on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7, but it is also present in Mac OS 11 Big Sur. I solved the problem myself. Let’s fix this application, which is a must for the functionality of Logi Options Products. Logi Options Version that Caused the Problem is 8.34.91 I recommend you to do the following on this Version.

First of all I add a screenshot that is causing the problem;

1-) If you see this rotating shape when you install or start the application in the first Step, close the application CMD + Space, open the Spotlight » Logi Options Daemon » Application. (This product is installed with the Logi Options application you installed.)

2-) In the second step, enter the privacy phase in Settings and Security & Privacy to manage security permissions. Then confirm the permissions in the images below. (You can open this directory with the warning of the Daemons app)

Try to open the Logi Options application in step 3. Your application will likely open. If the App is still not responding, restart your device and try again.

Finally, Download Logi Control Center and try it.


Logitech Options software cannot start on Mac

HiI have bought a MX Master 2S and today I installed the Options software. However, it just won’t start. The window is frozen and it is marked as «Not responding» in the Activity Monitor. Even worse, the mouse is not working well anymore. The cursor moves, then stops and moves again. It is working fine if I uninstall Options.

I have a MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.4. The mouse is connected via Bluetooth.

If I use the Unifying Receiver there is no problem, so the issue seems to be related to when connecting via Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is what I wish to use, so I need to find a solution or I must go back for a refund.


i have the exact same problem, but using the receiver didn’t solve my problem. The cursor stutters as soon as I install the Options app. I’m also on MBP + High Sierra 10.13.4

I have the same problem, the software cannot operate when my MX Master 2S connects to my MBP via bluetooth. And the connection was not stable. I have reinstalled several times but the issue kept the same.

I tried connect via Unifying, the problem was solved. But I wish to use bluetooth. Please solve the problem quickly!

Exact same problem since February .

Logicool Options stop running / not working on my computer.

Even after 6.80 and 6.90, still the software wont run.

*6.90 is even worst because the installation stuck at loading page.

I’m using the Unifying Receiver, because Logitech Bluetooth tech ***** and unreliable.

My OS is OS X High Sierra 10.13.4

Logicool Option Version 6.90.109

Perhaps I can help some of you out. 6.8 of Options at least gave me a working mouse for about a day or two before I’d have to reboot; I’d have to reboot because launching the Options control panel was impossible, it would just hang and crash. I was excited to see 6.9 come out, and I’m impressed that Logitech managed to make things WORSE: now Options freezes right from start-up, I can never get the control panel to even appear. These issues have been happening across all versions of High Sierra, BTW.

And don’t count on Logitech fixing this — this obviously don’t care, and do minimal testing before releasing new software for the Mac. I’ve gone back to version 6.72.227 of Options, which as far as I can remember is the last functioning version of the software I’ve had.

P.S. A warning — I’ve had a Craft keyboard for 8 months now, and the Crown functions have NEVER worked, not in Firefox, Photoshop or any other app. It does spin and make noises though, so it’s fun to play with on a boring conference call.

Thank you for reporting this.

Ideally, Secure Input should only be enabled while the cursor is active in a sensitive information field, such as when you enter a password, and should be disabled right after you leave the password field. However, some applications may leave the Secure Input state enabled. In that case, you may experience the following issues with devices supported by Logitech Options:

  • When the device is paired in Bluetooth mode, it’s either not detected by Logitech Options or none of the software-assigned features work (basic device functionality will continue to work, however).
  • When the device is paired in Unifying mode, it’s not possible to perform keystroke assignments.

If you encounter these issues, check to see if Secure Input is enabled on your system. Do following:

  1. Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities folder.
  2. Type the following command in Terminal and press Enter:
  3. ioreg -l -d 1 -w 0 | grep SecureInput
  • If the command returns back no information, then Secure Input is not enabled on the system.
  • If the command returns back some information, then look for «kCGSSessionSecureInputPID»=xxxx. The number xxxx points to the Process ID (PID) of the application that has Secure Input enabled:
  1. Launch Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities folder.
    1. Search for PID which has secure input enabled.

Once you know which application has Secure Input enabled, close that application to resolve the issues with Logitech Options.

Please let us know if you have additional assistance.


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ПО Logitech Options не устанавливается на Mac

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Logitech Options not opening on Mac


Also have this issue. Options freezes on startup.

I managed to solve it by uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. Just removing it by deleting it into trash doesn’t work.

This solution is for PC but will also work for your Mac — just a different version number but same process.

I have the same problem and I know you say you have tried older download versions but I tried each one sequentially until version: 6.70.1204

Here is the link to the support section that has the older versions listed:

This older version from Nov 17, 2017 worked for me.


Make sure to fully uninstall the other versions of Logitech Options

  • You will get an immediate splash screen that says «A new version is available for download».
  • Make sure to click the SKIP key or you will mess up your installation and end up back in the same mess as you have encountered with the latest version.
  • Finally, once the software opens, click on the MORE tab (bottom left of screen) click on the «Software» menu item on the top left UNCHECK the square that says » Automatically check for updates»!

I have spent hours and hours online researching this with no answers but a TON of complaints with similar issues.

I know this must have something to do with a conflict of whats running on the computer you try to install this on because I tried it on another newer computer that has very limited software loaded onto it and the latest version of Logitech Options did load.

I didn’t see any major differences in the functionality of the older version versus the newer version so instead of continuing to beat my head against a brick wall, I settled on this approach.

Good luck and make sure to SKIP the ‘upgrade software» splash screen and uncheck the update software box to avoid the Logitech Options cycle of pain!

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